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Total Gaming Studio produces range of products includes video slots, video poker, casino table games and innovative 3D games based on own trademarks.

If you are looking for a world-class gambling applications with unique game designs, great visuals and strong IPs – TGS will exceed your expectations.

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High quality HTML5 casino games ready to connect to your backend. Very Game includes wide range of marketing materials.

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Video Slot Games that combine classical casino slot with interactive combat based games known from mobile and desktop platforms. Check

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You have a great idea and need a studio to help make it reality. We are here to help.


The world is after WWI. Countries to weaken to fight any longer decided to sort out the conflicts in old samurai way. Fighting champions would sacrifice they lives in arena combats. When a country champions wins, the country can dictate their terms to losing opponent. Gain territory, resources; make political changes in countries they overtake in the virtual world of Steam Imperium Universe. This game is combination of 3rd person combat and classical slot game. Play Demo


Since global conflict in 2025 corporations fight for scarce resources and domination over international markets. Countries as we know it don’t exist anymore. Warlords fight their battles on streets in the name of their employees using latest combat technologies. This game is combination of shooter and classical slot game.


Since the land of Dragon Tears is ruled by Titans darkness overtook once beautiful world. But there are heros and heroines ready to sacrifice their lives to bring peace to their home world. This game is combination of RPG and classical slot game.


Their planet is not much bigger than football ball. Tiny kings build they kingdoms, expand their territories, send armies to enemies to gain goods, but most importantly they search for the secret scroll. This game is combination of strategy and classical slot game.


Bet on steam powered horse machines and enjoy exciting race scene from the virtual world of Steam Imperium Universe. Upgrade your racing machines, customise they look, train them before next race.

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